MLE’s core business is centered at providing international education and immigration consulting services to assist its clients who intend to migrate or pursue further education. MLE’s primary concern is our clients’ satisfaction and success in achieving their education and marketing goals. Its success is driven by the high quality services that deliver results to our clients and put MLE at the forefront of the industry. 

As an international education consulting firm, MLE provides: 
The “One Stop” solution to assist Chinese students wishing to pursue further education and career advancement abroad. MLE’s services include education and career counseling, guidance in the selection of courses and education providers, assistance in admission and enrollment process, student visas, accommodation arrangement, overseas follow-up services, overseas transfer services, overseas visa/study permit renewal. MLE is a proud partner of reputed educational institutions worldwide. It is able to serve as regional office in managing their promotions and student recruitment programs, development of agent’s network, as well as admissions and enrollments. MLE collaborate with Chinese secondary schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations in developing and delivering customized joint educational programs with their overseas counterparts, such as joint degree and student exchanging programs. 

MLE believes in the power of media, and always work closely with mainstream media in China. It’s publishing, creating, translating, and introducing the most up-to-date international recruitment news, changes, tendency, through our blog, micro-blog, and all our co-op Medias, to enable Chinese students catch up the latest pace of international education.